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Topology Optimization in NX CAD

August 3rd, 2023 at 11:00 AM (GoToWebinar - Online, Live)

Join our next CES: Topology Optimization in NX CAD. 


  • Introduction to Topology Optimization
    • Understand the concept and significance of topology optimization
    • Explore its impact on design efficiency and performance
    • Overview of the benefits and applications in various industries
  • Applying Topology Optimization Techniques

    • Analyzing loads, constraints, and boundary conditions in design
    • Exploring optimization algorithms and computational methods
    • Step-by-step process of implementing topology optimization in NX CAD
  • Material Optimization and Lightweight Design

    • Maximizing strength-to-weight ratios through topology optimization
    • Reducing material usage while maintaining structural integrity
    • Harnessing the potential of lightweight design for enhanced performance
  • Streamlining the Design Process and Time-to-Market

    • Strategies for efficient design workflows and project management
    • Reducing development time through topology optimization
    • Enhancing competitiveness by delivering superior designs within deadlines

NX CAD's topology optimization capabilities enable designers to explore innovative design alternatives and push the boundaries of what is traditionally considered feasible. By applying topology optimization techniques, engineers and designers can achieve highly efficient and lightweight designs that meet specific structural and performance requirements.

Join us on August 3rd; we will also have an interactive Q&A session with our senior mechanical engineer, Eduardo Sorto.

Who attend this session:

  • Engineers and Designers
  • CAD Software Users
  • Industry Professionals (Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Products, Architecture)
  • Design Enthusiasts
  • Managers and Decision-Makers
  • Students and Researchers


This CES will comprehensively introduce Topology Optimization in NX CAD while delving into advanced concepts, all skill levels are welcome.



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