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Teamcenter Integration: CAE Data Management

July 6th, 11:00 AM PST, GoToWebinar

Join us to explore the new features and benefits of the Teamcenter integration in Simcenter Femap version 2301.


Key Features:

Host, Manage, and Create Simcenter Femap Files

You can now directly host, manage, and create Simcenter Femap files within the Teamcenter environment. This seamless integration provides a unified platform for your CAE data management needs.

Check-in and Check-out Functionality

The integration enables you to check-in and check-out datasets, preventing multiple users from editing the same files simultaneously. This ensures data integrity and reduces the risk of conflicts. Additionally, revision history is automatically documented, allowing everyone to track changes and enhancing productivity and collaboration across teams.

Import Assemblies with Multiple JT Geometry Files

With this new feature, you can import assemblies defined with multiple JT geometry files stored within Teamcenter. This streamlines your workflow and facilitates the handling of complex models, improving efficiency and accuracy.

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