Product Development Process Improvement

How Saratech Helps Improve Your Process

To maintain a competitive edge, you have decided to improve your product development process, but where do you start? Discover how Saratech's Compass methodology can help. Saratech's Compass methodology provides the framework for:

  • Formulating your prioritized business objectives
  • Defining the improvement projects
  • Executing the improvement project
  • Verifying that your business objectives have been met

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About Saratech

Saratech is an engineering company focused on helping manufacturing companies of all sizes solve product development problems. Over half of our 90+ team members are degreed engineers and we use the technology we sell in our own production environment. Whether it’s design, analysis, data management, or manufacturing improvement, we get customers to where they need to be. We are headquartered in Southern CA with sales and technical staff supporting customers across the United States.

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