HP Multi Jet Fusion; A Proven Solution - Using Polypropylene and TPU Materials to Mitigate Supply Chain Bottlenecks

August 9th, 11:00 AM PDT

Join us in this 45 minute webinar to learn how HP's proven technology will propel your manufacturing beyond current supply chain failures. This webinar will go over:

  • The diversity of polypropylene and TPU applications within swap-in uses.
  • The agility of polypropylene and TPU materials
  • How TPU and polypropylene can help you overcome delays while increasing the speed at which your products go to market

We look forward to hosting you for an exciting engagement where we can collaborate and discover together! Register now to save your seat. If you cannot make it, register anyway and we will send you the recording.

About HP

Three-dimensional printing of useful objects and machine parts is becoming a reality. 3D printing offers the ability to produce—both rapidly and at low cost—short runs or one-of-a-kind parts. HP’s development of HP Multi Jet Fusion technology includes new HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers and an Open Platform that will revolutionize the design, materials, manufacturing, and distribution of 3D parts to drive the digital transformation of manufacturing.

About Saratech

Saratech is an engineering company focused on helping manufacturing companies of all sizes solve product development problems. Over half of our 90+ team members are degreed engineers and we use the technology we sell in our own production environment. Whether it’s design, analysis, data management, or manufacturing improvement, we get customers to where they need to be. We are headquartered in Southern CA with sales and technical staff supporting customers across the United States.

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