Customer Enablement Series 2021

Optimize 3D Printing Quality and Throughput with NX for Additive Manufacturing

Join our upcoming CES webinar: Optimize 3D Printing Quality and Throughput with NX for Additive Manufacturing with special guest presenters from Siemens DISW, Brent Kephart and Chad Barden on Thursday, September 16, 2021 at 11am PDT.

The ability to translate a well-designed part into a successfully printed part is not easy. Users often experience warpage, shrinkage, recoater blade crashes, etc., without realizing these are merely symptoms of a larger issue, thermal distortion. The AM Optimizer provides the answer to automated build preparation by performing numerous computations, arriving at the optimal orientation and support config to ensure successful print jobs.

Customers often describe this as the easy button for optimizing build preparation.  Users will realize immediate returns on this solution as in most cases, the costs of the metal powders that fill the printers often cost more than the software itself.  If we can help efficiency by 25-50%, these ROIs are months, not years. 


Saratech’s Customer Enablement Series (CES) – our bi-monthly, web-based learning program is designed to help engineers, designers, and Siemens Digital Industries Software users get the most out of their CAD, CAM, CAE, PLM software. Join our application engineers, Siemens software experts, and power users online the first and third Thursdays of each month to learn. There is no cost to attend and no strings attached. In 30 minutes or less (well, sometimes more), software experts will share tips, techniques, and knowledge that will help sharpen your skills.

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