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Advanced 5-Axis Roughing

June 1st, 2023 - 11:00 AM PST

Register for our CES to learn the basics of 5-axis roughing with NX CAM, the industry-leading software for precision machining. 

What you can do with NX CAM and 5-axis roughing:

  • Boost your efficiency: reduce machining time while delivering a superior surface finish
  • Enhance your precision: achieve tighter tolerances and unlock intricate geometries
  • Streamline your programming: adaptive feed rate control, smooth arc movements, intelligent chip thinning

Topics covered: 

  • Introduction to 5-axis roughing and its advantages
  • Understanding the basics of multi-axis machining and its applications
  • Toolpath optimization techniques for enhanced efficiency and surface quality
  • Selecting the right tools and cutting parameters for 5-axis roughing
  • Practical tips for programming complex parts in NX CAM
  • Adaptive feed rate control and intelligent chip thinning
  • Tips to achieve tighter tolerances and unlock intricate geometries with 5-axis roughing
  • Q&A session with our Senior Mechanical Engineer, Mark Anderson

If you can't make it, still register, and we will send you a recording!

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